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Repair & Maintenance Records Feedback

GCE gas products are designed, produced, used & eventually repaired under CE Marking or medical MDD Directive (when applicable).

Any repair & maintenance on GCE product must be recorded. These recond sheets have to be send via email to:

The record sheet template provided during the GCE training should be used; It should include at least: Serial number or batch number; What was done, by who & when.

By repairing or maintaining any GCE product and submitting this form, you agree to the following:

  • that only GCE Authorized Personals with valid certificate, perform repairs or maintenances on products which they were validated for
  • to follow at all times GCE Instructions For Maintenance (IFM) or GCE special written instructions
  • to contact GCE local coordinator or trainer for any question, for latest documents or when special findings

GCE local Support:

GCE Group Support Engineers:

  • to use only GCE original spare parts
  • on top of GCE Instructions, to be responsable to apply any local applicable regulations (in particular but not limited to: labor and safety regulations, informing and training your own customers ...)
  • as a CE Marking mandatory feedback & to insure GCE warrenty when applicable, to provide GCE a record sheet of all repairs & maintenance, using the agreed format document
  • to keep an own copy of this record during 10 years


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