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Gas Distribution Systems

Central gas supply systems (CGS) are based on high volume gas delivery and on-site gas stocking in cylinders, multi-cylinder packages (bundles), cryogenic vessels with vaporizers or in special containers.

Gas distribution is provided by pipe line from the central point up to the final application place. Gas goes from the source through high pressure manifold with pressure regulator where the inlet pressure from the bulk is reduced to the level acceptable for the pipes and other components of the gas distribution system. At the end of the pipeline outlet points would be fitted to set gas parameters e.g. pressure and flow-rate according to request. When CGS systems are installed in industrial plants, working efficiency, economic savings and also safety aspects will grow in relation to increased gas consumption.

Main benefits:

  • Reliable supply system with continuous gas delivery (no gas flow interruptions)
  • More precise gas parameters adjustment
  • Higher safety level because of high pressure gas storage and installation located in specified and safe place
  • More space at the working place
  • Usually lower gas costs due to high volume delivery

Main fields of use of industrial CGS:

  • Automotive and transportation
  • Metal & glass & plastics & paper production and fabrication
  • Flame, arc, plasma and laser welding and cutting processes
  • Chemical & petrochemical industry
  • Metallurgy
  • Oil & gas rafinery
  • Off-shore & shipyards
  • Energy and power
  • Ecology & environment
  • Food & beverages production and packaging
  • Craftsmen & workshops
  • On-site constructions


Central gas supply system for plasma cutting process

Plasma cutting of the metal plates is one of the modern industrial methods. It is developing technology, working with precise process parameters. This requires high accuracy of the parameters of delivered gases which are needed to create plasma-arc and to keep it plasma stabile during entire cutting operation. Various gases are used for the plasma process doing in generally in with three basic functions: plasma creation, focusing of plasma arc focus and shielding of the arc and metal. Particular gases are used in accordance with the plasma device machine producer, process type and material of the workpiece metal plate. The main target is always to keep high accuracy gas flow and service pressure stability. The picture above shows high-pressure part of the central gas supply system for plasma cutting machine. Four high pressure manifolds type MM 70-1 MM70-1 are used here for Argon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Methane service.

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