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VIPR = Valve Integrated with Pressure Regulator

CE = The CE Marking is the manufacturer's declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives.

NRP = Non-Return Valve

AGSS = Aneasthetic Gas Scavenging System

MAG = Metal Active Gas

POD = Proof of Delivery

SOV = Shut-Off Valve

SOP = Standard Operating Procedure

MIG = Metal Inert Gas

PRV = Pressure Relief Valve

HP = High Pressure

CGS = Central Gas Supply

TIG (WIG) = Tungsten Inert Gas (Wolfram Inert Gas)

RPV = Residual Pressure Valve

LP = Low Pressure

 RQL (RQF) = Request List (Request form)


EV = Encapsulated Valve

DFW = DELIVERY FROM WAREHOUSE (goods prepared on the warehouse with possible dispatch within short period of time (immediately) )


ISO = International Organization for Standardization


ATO = ASSEMBLED TO ORDER (goods is assembled ahead and then distributed within few days)



LEP = LIFE EXTENSION PROGRAM > (program prepared by GCE and its customers to extend the lifetime of product COMBILITE upto 10 years without necessity of 5 years service.)

MTO = MANUFACTURED TO ORDER (goods have to be prepared for assembly, assembled and distributed, distribution takes few weeks)



Asphyxant gas = a gas which has little or no toxic effect but which can bring about unconsciousness and death by replacing air and thus depriving an organism of oxygen AV - Abblaseventil = Relief valve (not to be mistaken as safety relief valve or safety valve) BPR - Backpressure regulator = A device that controls and responds to changes in its upstream / inlet pressure. Functions the same as a relief valve in that it opens in increasing inlet pressure BARA = Bar pressure absolute. The bar is a metric unit of pressure, defined by the exactly equal to 100,000 Pa.It is about equal to the atmospheric pressure on Earth at sea level. Absolute means a bar pressure zero-referenced to complete vacuum.
BARG = bar pressure gauge (or atmosphere pressure) BMD - Batteriemembran druckminderer = Gas Supply Panel or Gas Supply Panel; available as manual, semi-automatic and automatic version Compressed gas = any material or mixture which has a in-container pressure exceeding 40 psia at 70F, or having an absolute pressure exceeding 7 bara / 104 psia at 39°C / 103°F Corrosive = electrochemical disintegration or decomposition: to gnaw or eat away. A product which will deteriorate many substances it comes in contact with, such as metals, polymers or tissues
CR = Cylinder pressure regulator CS = electronic cylinder scale for the level and content metering of gas cylinders; usually sold with a display unit as an alarm output. CV (1) = Flow coefficient; Liquid sizing coefficient,. It is numerically equal to the number of U.S. gallons of water at 60F that will flow through an orifice in one minute when the pressure differential across the valve is one pound per square inch CV (2) – (same as NRV) = Check Valve
DGM-SK = Signal box for optical and acoustic signaling of fault reporting. Drift = A change in set point over an extended period of time EPDM = Ethylenepropylene rubber, prepared from Ethylene and propylene monomers, including a small amount of a third monomer EMD = Entnahmestellenmembran druckminderer (Point-of-Use regulator, also available as plain valve version. Available as surface-mounted or flush-mounted (built-in / fume hood) version)
EV = encapsulated valve FAV – Flaschenabsperrventil = cylinder connection valve Flammable gas = any gas at a NTP (normal temperature and pressure) that forms a flammable mixture with air at a concentration of 13% or less or that has a flammable range wider than 12% with air, regardless of the lower flammable limit FKM = Fluoroelastomer of polymethylene type with trade names such as Viton and Fluorel. Not recommend for Ammonia
FFKM = A perfluoroelastomer , generally known as Kalrez or Chemraz FMD = Flaschenmembran druckminder cylinder pressure regulator with diaphragm Forming gas = a mixture of gases in inert gas balance depleting the normal atmosphere and providing an articifial shield or protective atmosphere GC = Gas chromatograph
GSPS = Gas Safety Protection System Inert =a material which under normal temperatures and pressures does not react with other materials KI (also CI) = Contact gauge with inductive contacts LMD = Leitungsmembran druckminderer Line Regulator
LCG =Liquefied compressed gas a gas which is partially liquid at its charging pressure and 21° C (70°F) MFC = Mass-flow controller MSDS = A Materials and Safety Data Sheet is a document that describes the potential hazards, spill procedures, safety requirements, first aid and other useful information associated with the storage, use, and handling of a material. NOTE: These documents are often prepared by the chemical vendor and may not address cancer, neurological, and reproductive hazards. MVA =Membranabsperrventil (Shut-off valve with diaphragm; available as straight (type G) or angle (type W) version)
MVR-A – Membranregelventil = Regulating (Control) valve with shut-off function with diaphragm; available as straight (type G) or angle (type W) version NRV (same as CV (2)) = Non-return valve Oxidizer = usually refers to a gas that causes or supports combustion, such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, chlorine trifluoride or fluorine Oxidant = A gas, which is required for combustion of flammable materials. In some cases the oxidant may initiate combustion. Materials that burn in air burn more vigorously or explosively in the presence of oxygen and other oxidants
PSI =Pounds per square inch PSIA = Pounds per square inch absolute PSIG = Pounds per square inch gauge (or atmosphere) Purity = Determined by subtracting the sum of the maximum acceptable impurity levels of the major contaminants from 100%. It does not represent an chemical test.
Rare gas = refers to those constituents of air which comprise less than 1% of air and are generally considered inert: argon, helium, krypton, neon and xenon RV = Relief valve – see AV SC = Safecty cabinet – storage for gas cylinders in the laboratory or workspace SCFM = Standard cubic feet per minute
SMD = Stationsmembran druckminderer Single Gas Supply Panel for the connection of 1 cylinder, no switch-over function. SLPM = Standard liters per minute S/O = Shut-off valve Standard conditions = 101.3 kPa, 20.0°C (14.73 PSIA, 68°F)
SRV = Safety relief valve (Safety device containing an operating part that is held normally in a position closing a relief channel by spring force and is intended to open at predetermined pressure) Span- or Calibration gas = A gas mixture used to “span” or calibrate a process or laboratory instrument TMD = Tableaudruckminderer OLD – Built-in version of EMD, also known as flush-mounted or fumehood version Toxicity = the ability of a chemical compound to produce injury once it reaches a susceptible site in or on the body
Toxic = A substance that may chemically produce injurious or lethal effects. The degree of toxicity and its effects vary with the compound and time of exposure. A full definition is given in the UFC. Zero gas = gases which are used as a reference point to “zero” an analyzer    
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