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The ECO SAVER device reduces gas consumption, especially during non-continuous welding processes.


  • Cylinder regulator with up to 300 bar inlet pressure and integrated fl ow meter.
  • Adjustable in the range 0-30 litres per minute.
  • Two stage pressure reduction from 300 bar.
  • Saves gas during inlet pressure changes (as the cylinder empties).
  • Saves gas during fl ow changes (non-continuous welding processes).
  • Provides consistent and stable gas conditions around the weld.
  • Available with connections for most markets in Europe.
  • Less "downtime" from changing cylinders which in turn increases productivity.
  • Fewer spare cylinders required in stock which reduces rental charges.
  • Reduces the number of deliveries required per year.
  • Improved weld quality with less porosity.

The ECO SAVER keeps a constant level of gas pressure in the downstream system during the welding process. This prevents pressure and flow surges from being created in the system. Surges can create gas wastage and give rise to a poor weld. Weld quality and gas consumption are optimised when the ECO Saver is used as part of the control system.


Shielding Gas is a significant consumable cost in the welding process, and savings with ecosaver can also be very significant. The type of welding determines the savings, highest benefits during spot welding, (significant on/off cycling at the gas supply). However valuable reduction in costs can still be achieved even on longer seam runs. Typical expected savings.

Type of Weld Gas saving
Spot welding: 40-45%
Mostly spot welding plus some seam welding: 30-35%
Equal spot/seam: 25-30%
Mostly seam welding: 18-22%


Gas: Ar, Ar/CO2CO2
Body: Brass forged
Bonnet: Zn/Al alloy Die Cast
Stems, nuts and fittings: Brass
Diaphragm: EPDM
Seat sealing: PA
Inlet/Outlet connection: Gas specific connection
Maximal inlet pressure: 200 or 230bar
Outlet pressure range: 0-24l/min
Temperature range: from -20°C to 60°C
Weight: Approx. according to gas variant: 2,1 kg
ISO 2503 Class: 10
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