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Medical beams are a special kind of bed head unit. Instead of attached to the wall, a medical beam is mounted to the ceiling for maximum flexibility for patient positioning. Medical beams, like wall mounted bed head units, can be equipped with medical gas outlets and electricity supply at optimal distance to the patients bed. They are mainly used in specialized medical workplaces like CCU, ICU and operating theatres. The medical beam can be fitted with a large  range of accessories: Spot lamp placed on a medical rail, refracted arms, telescopic rods with curtain, medical rails, positional (night) lights or other accessories depending on the needs and requirements of the workplace concerned. Thanks to its design it ensures an optimal use of space on the one hand, as well as being safe for the patient and the medical staff on the other.


Length profile with equipment standard for 1 bed: ZMP07
1950 mm
ZMP07 double side
1950 mm
ZMP07 laminar
3000 mm one side
Height / depth without legs (without medical rails with medical rails):

320 mm / 280 mm
320 mm / 315 mm

320 mm / 460 mm
320 mm / 530 mm

320 mm / 280 mm
320 mm / 315 mm 
Length of legs: max. 2000 mm
Weight (at a standard length for one bed): max 150 kg max 175 kg max 300 kg
Load ceiling (from one leg):  5300 N, 2100 Nm 8000 N, 2100 Nm 5300 N, 2100 Nm
Lighting (fluorescent tube or LED): Direct
Accessories: Accessories GCE Mediline and others for ISO medical rail (10 × 25 mm) and shelving rods *28   
Load capacity medical rail: max. 20 kg
Electro-equipment: Sockets of different colours with light even without the desigh according to different national standards (BS, ...) jack bush, RJ45 data connector, telephone connections and etc.
Gas outlets: All types of GCE Mediunit gas outlets according to national standards (DIN, AFNOR, BS, SS ...)
Material design: Steel with powder coating surface / Anodized aluminium profiles with removable lids, which can be in colour RAL
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