Group Number: 3311

MediEvac+ is a vacuum regulator system, which allows the user efficiently and safely control suction therapy.

  • Compact and lightweight medical vacuum regulator system
  • The suction level of the Medievac+ is regulated via an easy accessible, front mounted control knob
  • A special feature of the Medievac+ on-off valve is an easy resumption of the selected de-pressure value when the treatment is interrupted
  • The Medievac+ gauge can easily be rotated, allowing the vacuum pressure to be clearly viewed by the operator
  • The gauge scale is colour coded in sections to display a clear indication of suction level
  • Three versions of adjustable pressures are available to cover all therapy needs (-250, -600 and –1000 mbar)
  • The –250 mbar version has a safety valve, which will automatically shut off to guarantee maximum protection of the patient, in the unlikely event of de-pressure increase

The compactness of the device offers:

  • Fast connection to the vacuum source
  • Quick and convenient mounting of accessories (for example safety jar)
  • Good accessibility of other devices connected to close located terminal units


The Medievac+ vacuum regulator system includes an optional accessory, the safety jar. It is an additional protection of the vacuum regulator and the hospital vacuum network, when the collection jars overflow. The filling capacity of 100 ml and the safety valve function, provide the user with extra time to stop the suction therapy.

The jar can be easily and safely disconnected from the vacuum regulator and autoclaved at 134 °C for 18 minutes, in line with hospital protocols. GCE Mediline also recommends the use of the front mounted filter that is connected to the safety jar for increased safety. The plastic shell of the filter is very convenient to mount; it enables hygienic handling as direct contact with the membrane is avoided. The use of this filter is also recommended by the standard (EN ISO 10079-3 part


ON-OFF function: ON: green button visible
To switch ON: push on the red button
Max. inlet pressure: - 950 mbar (Measured from atmospheric pressure)
Max. suction flow: 70 l/min ±5 l/min
Accuracy of gauge: ±2,5 % of full scale
Safety valve: Medievac+ 250 only
max. - 290 mbar opening
Inlet connection: According to national standards
Outlet connection: G1/2 male
Height: 133 mm; 260 mm (with safety jar)
Width: 63 mm
Depth: 77 mm (without connector)
Body material: ABS
Regulatory status: Complies with Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.

Complies with EN ISO 10079-3 (Medical suction Equipment
Part 3: Suction equipment powered from a vacuum or pressure source).

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