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Group Number: 3323

The humidifier for oxygen therapy is a device allowing an increase in the relative humidity in the oxygen supplied to the patient; this gas for medical use normally lacks a sufficient humidity grade to be physiologically tolerated.

The jar is made of polycarbonate, or polysulphone the cap with inlet adaptor of polypropylene and inlet connection of polypropylene + coated brass.

Art. Nr. Description Inlet connection
K294402 MEDIWET 134°C 9/16" UNF F
K294432 MEDIWET 134°C G 3/8" F
K293498 MEDIWET 134°C M 12×1,25
K294435 MEDIWET 134°C G 1/4"
K294402 MEDIWET 134°C 9/16" UNF
K294416 MEDIWET 121°C G 3/8"
K293491 MEDIWET 121°C M 12×1,25
K294452 MEDIWET 121°C G 1/4"
K294401 MEDIWET 121°C 9/16" UNF


Contents: Only sterile water
   Height: 190 mm
   Diameter: 57 mm
   Width: 67 mm
Weight: 145 g
Capacity: 200 ml
Material: Jar polycarbonate (autoclavable at 121 °C)

Jar polysulphone (autoclavable at 134 °C)

Lid and outlet hose nipple: polypropylene
Inlet nut: Chrome brass
Diffuser: Polyethylene
Hose: Silicone
Cleaning: Water, non-abrasive detergent. Never use solvents.
Disinfection: An alcoholic solution, or other solution compatible with the material according to the disinfectant manufacturer.
Autoclave: Polycarbonate version 121°C for 20 minutes

Polysulphone version 134°C for 18 minutes
Special case:  
Diffuser: Exchange at every cleaning - do not sterilise!
Maintenance: Check that the humidifier is whole and airtight before use. Monthly exchange of gaskets is recommended. Exchange the diffuser when its micro perforations no longer exist.
Durability: Minimum 20 autoclave cycles under the condition that all instructions accompanying the product are adhered.


Art. Nr. Description
K294486 Silicone hose, 10 pcs
K294434 Silicone hose + diffuser, 10 pcs
K294415 Diffuser, 10 pcs
K294408 Washer 121°C (under lid) 10 pcs
K294409 Washer 134°C (under lid) 10 pcs


Art. Nr. Inlet connection
K294433 O-ring G 3/8", (10 pcs)
K294407 O-ring G 1/4" and 9/16" UNF, (10 pcs)
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