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The Ambulance Panel II is the new generation of ambulance panels. It is designed for permanent installation and use in road ambulances.

  • Long experience in this market has resulted in a product that gives the customer a lot of options and flexibility.
  • Due to the design and functions there are a big range of variants available. The functions and variants can be combined upon customer’s request.
  • The modular concept means that same components can be used for many variants, resulting in short lead times and full flexibility. The Ambulance Panel II is designed with same Shape for recessed and exposed.


Recessed mounting is when the ambulance panel is mounted in the wall. The inlet could either be mounted at the end or at the back depending on the wall construction and the space behind the wall. The only part that will be outside the wall is the quick connector.


Exposed mounting is when the ambulance panel is mounted on the wall in the ambulance. The inlet could as the recessed, also be located at the end or at the back. When using the end inlet the hoses are fastened on the wall and fully visible. For some countries and regulations this is a must and the Ambulance Panel II has the features complying to these requests. The panel is fastened easily by 4 screws. Depending on the wall construction the fastening could either be done by a counter fastening frame or nuts and washers.


Capacity QC: 60 l/min
Capacity FLS: 0-15 l/min, 0-25 l/min
Connection: G3/8”
Weight: 754g - example AP II O2 2×SS R
QC standards: SS, DIN, NF, BS, UNI, CZ
Gases: O2, Air, N2O/O2, N2O, VAC
Classification: Class IIb
Regulatory status:

Complies with Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC

Complies with EN 1789:2008

Production in accordance with EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485


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