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The Ambulance Panel System is a bespoke system containing an ambulance panel, hoses and regulators ready to be mounted in an ambulance. It is a modular system of individual CE marked components and complies with EN 1789.


The Ambulance Panel System has three main components: regulators, hoseassemblies and panels.
The modular design of the individual components means that they are infinitely variable. The individual components can then be combined in many different configurations giving the end user total flexibility.


The Ambulance Panel System can be delivered with two types of ambulance regulators, Medireg and Varimed. The Ambulance Panel System can also be used with combivalves*. Generally Medireg is for lower capacity and Varimed for higher capacity and this capacity is determined by the equipment that is used in the ambulance. The ambulance regulators are designed to withstand the conditions in the road ambulance and are manufactured according to EN 1789. The ambulance regulators are delivered with either standard 3/8” connections or quick connectors. The Varimed and Medireg can be delivered with electronic signal gauge to be connected to the ambulance monitoring or gas monitoring systems.

*Some restrictions regarding pressure monitoring when Ambulance Panel System includes electronic monitoring system.

Type: Varimed, Medireg
Gas: O2
Inlet: acc. to national stds
Outlet: G 1/4”, QC acc. national stds
Gauge: Standard, Electronic


The hoses connect to the regulators and the panels. The hoses are made up to individual specifications and are clamped and tested ready to install in the ambulance, or “SMART Fit”. The special concept “SMART Fit” allows the ambulance builder to cut and adjust the hoses to fit in the ambulance. The hoses can be delivered static or antistatic. The standard connection is 3/8”. The low pressure hoses can also be delivered stainless steel reinforced.

Type: Ambulance Hose, Steelreinforced, SMART Fit
Gas: O2
Inlet: G3/8", G1/4", QC acc. national stds
Outlet: G3/8", G1/4", QC acc. national stds


The ambulance panel range from offers unrivalled flexibility in its installation and design. The modular concept uses common components leading to shorter lead times for manufacture and installation. Modules are infinitely variable and can incorporate gauges, switchovers, outlets or integral flow selectors and suction. Low profile back plates ensure close fitting to the ambulance wall whilst rounded edges avoid patients being exposed to sharp corners. The clear and simple gauge and switchover system allows easy surveillance and visibility by ambulance staff.


Gas: O2, Air, N2O/O2
Cylinder pressure: 20-200 bar
Working pressure/flow: see separate information about regulators
Capacity Medireg: Recommended max 2 QC outlets
Capacity Varimed: Recommended max 5 QC outlets
QC outlet variants: SS, DIN, NF, BS, UNI, CZ
Capacity QC: 60 l/min*
Capacity FLS: 0-15, 0-25 l/min
Capacity suction: 25 l/min
Connection: G3/8” (female)
Connection hoses: G3/8”, G1/4”, SS, DIN, NF, BS, UNI, CZ
Hoses: static, antistatic, stainless steel reinforced
Working Temperature: -20 °C - +60 °C
Regulatory Status:

Complies with Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC

Complies with EN1789:2008

Production in accordance with EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485

*at 0,5 bar pressure drop

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