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Easter Insland Installation


It is always nice to cover a success story and to see the results of your installation. In this case, we would like to share an application, which one does not see every day, though is at the heart of our organization. The installation is in a field laboratory on Easter Island. It is an Advanced Ambient Control Center where the seawater quality is checked to control possible contamination. The installation is on the island itself in a little shelter, where automatic checks of the seawater are taken. 

 The control center was installed in 2013 and has since then been running without any issues. These environmental measurement stations are at the critical heart to protect historic sites and these depend on good quality instrumentation that is built to last. 


 High Purity regulators at GCE druva are treated with special care to ensure these conditions. The high purity (HP) pressure regulators have a gas purity of up to 6.0. When using our equipment from the cylinder to the point of use, we guarantee the same gas quality at the point of use, as it is in the cylinder, up to gas purity 6.0. Virgin materials, Hastelloy diaphragms, and special sealing materials are used. Also the surfaces are made extra smooth. The connections are gas tight and are high performance connections. The pressure gauges are also special safety versions and highly accurate. HP regulators are cleaned in ultrasound baths. They are 12 hours helium tested, and 100% on control. Also for shipment the HP regulator is treated like a princess, in welded foil, foam protected, and the In/Out connectors dust proof closed. 

 In this application all these added value treatments are needed to ensure this installation to last. Easter Island and this control center has to last against the weather changes coastal places are affected by, like wetness, cold, salty winds, etc. Therefore, we are proud to say we offer the right solutions for any environmental measurement stations

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