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GCE Cylinder Valves

GCE Group has a long and illustrious history in manufacturing and delivering safe, dependable valves, of which we are extremely proud. All the products we supply are backed by our lifetime support service and 2 year warranty.

All GCE Group valves are manufactured and independently tested in accordance with EN ISO standards by globally recognised Notified Bodies to assure you of robust, reliable service.

GCE Group cylinder valves are manufactured in an ISO 9001 accredited, dedicated facility in the Czech Republic, with a proud 100-year long tradition of gas equipment manufacture.

All valves are manufactured, tested and assured in accordance with EU directive and are π marked accordingly.

Each valve is then individually pressure tested as part of strict production monitoring.



GCE Group implements a Continuous Improvement Programme to ensure that we will continue to provide you with world-beating quality products in accordance with our core values of Safety, Quality and Innovation.


Medical Valves

GCE Group offers a complete range of valves for the supply and control of medical gases with a portfolio of standard, RPV and VIPR valves incorporating both pressure reduction and precise flow selection.

GCE Group valves with integrated pressure regulator provide complete and accurate gas control to deliver Medical gases either to downstream devices such as ventilator/anaesthesia apparatus, or directly to the patient, including the most stringent flow and pressure levels demanded in paediatric and neo-natal care.

Approved for Working Pressures of 300 bar with a service life up to 15 years, GCE Group MediVital valves are available with interchangeable fill ports and gauges to provide future-proof medical gas packages enabling response to unforeseen changes in market demand.

GCE Group medical valves are supplied globally for dependable service in hospitals, ambulances, paramedic emergency kits and respiratory homecare, providing medical oxygen and other prescribed gases reliably and conveniently at the point of need.


Industrial Valves

GCE Group cylinder valves are designed to withstand the most demanding industrial environments.

Globally approved High pressure Industrial valves including valves with integrated pressure regulator which deliver point-of-use pressures and dial-up flows from 300 bar cylinder sources are available with up to 15 years service life.

Dedicated EN 561 outlet connections ensure only the correct gas is connected for use.

Valves designed to control and safely deliver all industrial gases are available with features such as residual pressure devices (RPV), active and non-active contents gauges and a variety of fill port connections.

Ergonomically designed and globally approved protection guards, rated for impact tests over 100 kg, high flow, multi-cylinder pack valves and line valves complete the range.

To give a more effective mixing in the gas cylinder during the filling process and withdraw liquid from the bottom we created GCE valves with dip tubes.




GCE Group are committed to bringing the best innovative solutions to Industrial and Medical valve markets.

To deliver this we excel at Continuous Design Improvement implementation, and are a recognized innovator in the field providing solutions for the following.

  • Integrated valves
  • Electronic gauges
  • Future proof connectivity
  • Aggressive gases
  • Exacting specifications
  • Demanding environments
  • Bespoke forging
  • Advanced materials



GCE as a company keened to improvements and innovations fullfiled requirements and get approved 15 years.

VCA company providing internationally testing and certifications for vehicles, their system and documents in UK  extend the interval between periodic inspections of certain seamless cylinders also to GCE. The approval concerning GCE cylinders valves and bundles with RPV specified in VCA documentation.

GCE group so added to its unrivalled 15 Year Life, Operational Ease of Use, Global Durability and ISO 9001 Quality Assurance new point and save costs its customers.

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