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About GCE Group

Our story

GCE is the leading manufacturer of gas control equipment. 

Driven by innovation, we strive to deliver the highest quality gas products and services to businesses across the globe. With manufacturing, sales and supply companies located all over the world, we ensure customers can always access the world’s leading innovative gas control equipment. 

Specialising in five business areas, GCE Group focuses its expertise across; cutting & welding technologies, valves, healthcare, homecare and specialty gas systems.

Our offer

The GCE Group product portfolio caters for a variety of applications in all fields of gas control. 

Spanning from widely used pressure regulators and cylinder valves for oxy fuel applications to sophisticated gas supply systems for medical and high purity gas applications, our innovative solutions help customers while staying at the forefront of safety standards. 

Recognised by leading regulators of safety, our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and our products are tested and approved local standards to meet the unique regional requirements. 

Our promise

Grounded in our values of safety, innovation, integrity and following a customer first approach we aim to be the preferred partner for safe, simple to use gas equipment solutions.

Employing more than 1,000 employees around the world and with customers in more than 120 countries, our product portfolio helps support diverse sectors including the food, electronics and medical industries. 

Our day to day actions centre around the philosophy of reduce, reuse and recycle - ensuring we use raw materials to their maximum to improve sustainability credentials. 

Our journey

Originally formed in 1987 through the merging of two world leading businesses in gas equipment, the GCE Group has rapidly evolved since its foundation. Through industry mergers and acquisitions, the GCE group now paves the way for high quality gas equipment, under three brands; GCE, GCE Healthcare and GCE Druva.

For more information on our GCE Healthcare branch, who specialise in medical gas solutions and devices, please visit:

With over 100 years experience handling high pressure gases, we are now proudly part of ESAB corporation, a world leader in fabrication and specialty gas control technology. ESAB Corporation provides partners with advanced equipment, consumables, automation, robotics, and digital solutions which enable the everyday and extraordinary work that shapes our world. 

Our locations

GCE operates across all European markets and is developing operations in other locations such as North America, China, India, Africa, Australia and South America. Local sales and supply companies are supported by centralised manufacturing units in the Czech Republic, UK and China, as well as local customising centres across the world.

Manufacturing unit in Czech Republic

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