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Industrial Cylinders packages - Gas systems

Cylinder valve - first and basic equipment for gas control. Assembled directly to gas cylinder keeps high pressure under control. Assures safety and convenience for user. Additional technical features like bursting disc, flow limiter, residual pressure valve, protect not only user but as well gas cylinder.

More and more often the upgraded version of cylinder valve is applied. It combines features of a cylinder valve and high pressure regulator in one, unique product – combination valve (VIPR) or as we call it - IVC. It offers constant, stable flow and pressure , directly from gas cylinder, without any additional equipment .



Why GCE ?

GCE cylinder valves and VIPRS, innovatively designed with focus on safety and reliability are verified by years of operations worldwide.

GCE cylinder valves and VIPRS are manufactured in carefully monitored, quality focused production process, combined with passion and commitment of all GCE employees.

Customer orientation and flexibility effects in excellent service level and unique lead times.





The GCE Industrial Combination Valve is designed based on our many years’ experience in the production of all types of combination valves. The Industrial Combination Valve is most often used with acetylene, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide mixtures, and has a working pressure of up to 300 bar.

Key features of the valve are:

  • A residual pressure valve, to ensure the cylinder and valve remain free of contamination
  • Integral Pressure Relief Valve
  • A filling port incorporating a non-return valve
  • A trusted and reliable regulator function ensuring trouble free use

The GCE Industrial Combination Valve is supplied with either a metal or plastic guard that protects the valve from handling and transportation damage. The design of the guard ensures that the cylinder package can be handled in a secure and safe way.

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