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Mass Flow Controllers 

Besides a wide range of gas pressure regulators, valves and gas supply / regulation accessories, GCE druva also has a range of Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs). They are very well known as AERA and SAM brand. These product ranges apply as a world leader in flow technology for over 35 years. They are fast, reliable, accurate, and offer a wide range of extras that make them as world leaders in their technology.

The composition of AERA MFCs is available in both analog and digital MFCs, whereas SAM are concentrating on digital models. Both MFC-series are based on thermal sensor technology. The flow sensor consists of two heated resistance wires wound around the outside of a thin-walled capillary tube. The resistance of the coils is known at given temperatures. The coils are connected in a bridge circuit and supplied with a regulated current. Changes in the bridge resistance are related to the mass flow rate, thus creating the basis value for control.

Gas volume changes as pressure and temperature change. Measuring in mass therefore allows precise gas and gas mixtures flow into process chambers and thereby creating reproducible processes for high-end products to be manufactured.

Added Value Features

  • Analog / Digital communication – set point value & actual flow signal communication;
  • RS485 & DeviceNET™ Communication (DN) – Digital communication allowing transfer of a large volume of data effectively
  • Pressure Insensitive Function (PI) – tolerating variations in the primary pressure without getting a disturbed flow rate
  • Multi-Gas / Multi-Range Function (MG/MR) – MFC can be configured to different gases and different full scale flow rates
  • Valve Shut-OFF function (VSO – SAM only) – reduce gas purge time that is required to vent residual gas
  • Flow Rate Verification function (FVF – SAM only) – a method for verifying changes in the flow rate over time

AERA Technology Range

  • Analog MFC (elastomer & metal sealed)
  • Single Gas digital MFC
  • Multigas/Multirange digital MFC
  • PI-980™ Series NeuralStep™ Control Technology – Pressure insensitive, MG/MR digital MF

 SAM Technology Range

  • Series SFC-1480F
  • Series SFC-1580/1680F – higher operating temperatures, up to 180
  • Series SFC-1480/2480FX – MG/MR, PI, DN
  • Series 1480/2480 G1/2/3 (next-gen semi-conductor)– optionally MG/MR, PI, VSO, FVF, DN
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