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FLEXIBLE HOSES - Stainless steel

Group Number: 2751

Stainless steel corrugated hoses with the pre-assembled cylinder valve adaptor. Working pressure up to 300 bar. Robust design according to ISO 10380.

The high pressure corrugated hose consists from two ends (DN6). The inlet is equipped with pre-assembled cylinder valve adaptor according to national standard, outlet connection for DN6 has W21,8 for air gases and CO2, W21,8LH for flammable gases. Corrugated hose is covered by stainless steel braid and safety line. The set is pressure leak tested.


The stainless steel corrugated hoses are designed solely to
deliver gaseous media from gas cylinders to gas control panels
(expansion manifolds).


  • Easy to use for different gases
  • Delivered in different lengths
  • Flexible hose for acetylene with check valve in the inlet
  • Safety line
  • Cleaned for oxygen


Working Pressure: up to 300 bar
DN: DN6 (industrial application)

(outer dia 10, internal 6mm)
Lengths: 1; 1,5 and 2,5 meter
Inlet connection: According to national standards

Outlet connection:

W21,8 Internal air gases, CO2


W21,8 LH internal flammable gases

Oxygen cleaned: 100 mg/m2 max
Material: 1.4404, 1.4541 (gas wetted material),

brass (cylinder valve adaptor)
Working temperature: -20°C to 60°C


  • Working pressure:    200 bar
  • Gases:    Oxygen (O), Methane (M), Inert gases (N), Hydrogen (H),
                     Compressed Air (D), CO2, Fuel gases (F), Propane (P)
Art.Nr. Inner Diameter Lenght Inlet Connection Outlet Connection
F2771001 DN6 mm 1 m BS8 DIN6
F2771002 DN6 mm 1,5 m BS8 DIN6
F2771003 DN6 mm 2,5 m BS8 DIN6
F2771004 DN6 mm 1 m BS9 DIN6
F2771005 DN6 mm 2,5 m BS9 DIN6
F2771006 DN6 mm 1 m DIN6 DIN6
F2771007 DN6 mm 2,5 m DIN6 DIN6
F2771008 DN6 mm 1 m DIN10 DIN6
F2771009 DN6 mm 2,5 m DIN10 DIN6
F2771010 DN6 mm 1 m DIN1 DIN1
F2771011 DN6 mm 2,5 m DIN1 DIN1
F2771012 DN6 mm 1 m DIN13 DIN6
F2771013 DN6 mm 2,5 m DIN13 DIN6
F2771014 DN6 mm 1 m CGA540 DIN6
F2771015 DN6 mm 2,5 m CGA540 DIN6
F2771016 DN6 mm 1 m CGA510 DIN1
F2771017 DN6 mm 1 m CGA580 DIN6
F2771018 DN6 mm 2,5 m CGA580 DIN6
F2771019 DN6 mm 1 m CGA320 DIN6
F2771020 DN6 mm 2,5 m CGA320 DIN6
F2771021 DN6 mm 1 m CGA346 DIN6
F2771022 DN6 mm 1 m CGA590 DIN6
F2771023 DN6 mm 1 m CGA350 DIN1
F2771024 DN6 mm 1 m CGA326 DIN6


  • Working pressure:    300 bar
  • Gases:    Oxygen (O), Methane (M), Inert gases (N), Hydrogen (H),
                     Compressed Air (D), CO2, Fuel gases (F), Propane (P)
Art.Nr. Inner Diameter Lenght Inlet Connection Outlet Connection
F27711001 DN6 mm 1 m BS3 DIN6
F27711002 DN6 mm 2,5 m BS3 DIN6
F27711003 DN6 mm 1 m DIN59 DIN6
F27711004 DN6 mm 1,5 m BS3 DIN6
F27711005 DN6 mm 1 m BS4 DIN1
F27711006 DN6 mm 1,5 m BS4 DIN1
F27711007 DN6 mm 2,5 m BS4 DIN1
F27711008 DN6 mm 2,5 m DIN59 DIN6
F27711009 DN6 mm 1 m DIN54 DIN6
F27711010 DN6 mm 2,5 m DIN54 DIN6
F27711011 DN6 mm 1 m DIN57 DIN1
F27711012 DN6 mm 2,5 m DIN57 DIN1
F27711013 DN6 mm 1 m DIN56 DIN6
F27711014 DN6 mm 2,5 m DIN56 DIN6
F27711015 DN6 mm 1 m UNI4406 DIN6
F27711016 DN6 mm 2,5 m UNI4406 DIN6
F27711017 DN6 mm 1 m UNI4412 DIN6
F27711018 DN6 mm 2,5 m UNI4412 DIN6
F27711019 DN6 mm 1 m UNI4409 DIN6
F27711020 DN6 mm 2,5 m UNI4409 DIN6
F27711021 DN6 mm 1 m UNI4405H DIN1
F27711022 DN6 mm 2,5 m UNI4405H DIN1
F27711023 DN6 mm 1 m UNI4410 DIN6
F27711024 DN6 mm 2,5 m UNI4410 DIN6
F27711025 DN6 mm 1 m UNI4405P DIN1
F27711026 DN6 mm 2,5 m UNI4405P DIN1


  • Working pressure:    25 bar
  • Gases:    Acetylene (A)
Art.Nr. Inner Diameter Lenght Inlet Connection Outlet Connection
F2771025 DN6 mm 1 m BS2 DIN1
F2771026 DN6 mm 1,5 m BS2 DIN1
F2771027 DN6 mm 2,5 m BS2 DIN1
F2771028 DN6 mm 1 m DIN3 DIN1
F2771029 DN6 mm 2,5 m DIN3 DIN1
F2771030 DN6 mm 1 m CGA510 DIN1
F2771031 DN6 mm 1 m UNI4411/1 DIN1
F2771032 DN6 mm 1 m UNI4411/2 DIN1
F2771033 DN6 mm 2,5 m UNI4411/2 DIN1
F2771034 DN6 mm 1 m AFNOR-A DIN1
F2771035 DN6 mm 1 m CGA300 DIN1


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