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Group Number: 2731

Manual changeover manifold with regulators MR60 or MR400 for high-flow applications for different gases with inlet pressure up to 300 bar. Manifolds contain inlet x-block with non-return valve and filter, purge valve and second inlet from site with the potential to install extension units. Purge valves can be used for pressure release when cylinder/ bundle hose is disconnected. There is also a high pressure shut-off valve, regulator with pressure relief valve and outlet ball valve mounted on the stainless steel panel.

Acetylene variant of MM400-2 is designed and produced in accordance with ISO 14 114. The inlet x-block with mounted purge valves, non-return valves and filters, enables safe operation with high pressure acetylene. There are used manual and also automatic quick acting shut-off valves upstream of the regulator. These devices are tested according to ISO 15 615. There is a flashback arrestor Simax 3 (EN 730-1, ISO 5175) fitted downstream of the regulator and also an outlet ball valve.

  • Outlet: G3/4“, DN20
Art. Nr. Description Gas Pressure Inlet
0768132 MM400-2 O, D, N, CO2 300/20 bar W21,8×1/14“
0768146 MM400-2 O, D, N, CO2 300/40 bar W21,8×1/14“
0768145 MM400-2 PH*

O, D, N, CO2

300/20 bar W21,8×1/14“
0768133 MM400-2 H/M 300/20 bar W21,8×1/14“LH
0768135 MM400-2 P 25/4 bar W21,8×1/14“LH
0768136 MM400-2 A 25/1,5 bar W21,8×1/14“LH

* PH = preheater


  Oxy, Inert, CO2 H P A
Regulator type: MR400/MR60 MR400 MR60
Body, bonnet material: Brass

Brass (Cu < 65%)
Connectors & fittings material: Brass, Stainless steel Brass (Cu< 65%),
St. steel
Diaphragm material: Butyl NBR CR
Seat sealing material: PA / PTFE (40 bar) PA PTFE
Wall bracket: Stainless steel
Maximal inlet pressure: 300 bar 30 bar
Maximal flow rate: 400 Nm3/h 450 Nm3/h 50Nm3/h 28 Nm3/h
Nominal flow rate 250 Nm3/h 270 Nm3/h 35 Nm3/h 25 Nm3/h
Temperature range: from -20 °C to 60 °C
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