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Group Number: 2731

The MS400 semi-automatic manifold reduces compressed gases of max. 300 bar to a continuous gas supply of 20 bar or 40 bar. It is designed for two types of gas source (cylinders or cylinder bundles). However, only one side at a time is the operating one and the other is then the reserve side.

The MS400 will ensure continuity of gas flow by automatically changing from a nearly empty side to a full (reserve) side. MS400 is a complete valve unit with high pressure filters, isolating valves, purge valves, regulators, auto-change unit and a low pressure pipe with line shut-off valve. Components are assembled and fitted on the stable stainless steel plate. The inlet x-block contains a spare port for extensions for more gas sources.

MS400 can be used for oxygen and inert gases as nitrogen, argon, CO2 and their mixtures. The variant for fuel gas can be used for hydrogen, methane and their mixtures. It is the optimal solution for continuous gas supply for industrial applications as e.g. welding & cutting, assisting gas supply for laser cutting and many other applications. There are also variants with contact gauges giving alarm information about switching over to reserve side.


  • G3/4”, DN20
Art. Nr. Description Gas Pressure Inlet
0768114 MS400 O, D, N, CO2 300 bar/20 bar W21,8×1/14”
0768164 MS400 CG* O, D, N, CO2 300 bar/20 bar W21,8×1/14”
0768191 MS400 CG* O, D, N, CO2 300 bar/40 bar W21,8×1/14”
0768192 MS400 O, D, N, CO2 300 bar/40 bar W21,8×1/14”
0768193 MS400 H/M 300 bar/20 bar W21,8×1/14”LH
0768212 MS400 CG* H/M 300 bar/20 bar W21,8×1/14”LH

* CG = contact gauge

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