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Group Number: 2271

GCE BUTBRO cutters are engineered from solid brass stampings with silver soldered joints and provide a lightweight, well balanced, durable cutter giving reliability.

With rear mounted valves and cutting lever and round handle.

Cutter employs the nozzle mix principle, in which the combustible gas mixing is confined to the cutting nozzle. This results in a cutter which is highly resistant to backfire and flashback. A wide range of accessories are available for this cutter, such as attachments for heating, gouging, sheet metal nozzles, circle attachments, spade guide, power attachments, etc., to give maximum possible versatility. GCE BUTBRO torches and nozzles conform to BS EN ISO 5172.


Art. Nr. Length Angle
88090C 460 90°
88092C 460 180°
88094C 700 75°
0764510 850 90°
88098C 900 180°
0764511 1150 90°


Hose connections: 3/8" BSP (other threads available on request)
Cutting capacity: 300 mm (12")
Cutting nozzles: ANM (Acetylene) Cutting Nozzles
PNM (Propane) Cutting Nozzles
ASNM Sheet Metal Nozzles
AGNM Gouging Nozzles
ARCNM Rivet Cutting Nozzles
Gas: Acetylene or Propane
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