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ERS 2019 in Madrid with RRT™ and Clarity

Published on 12 August 2019 by Hana Holasová

This year European Respiratory Society will have its congress and exhibition in Madrid, Spain. Meet our GCE Healthcare team at the ERS 2019 Exhibition in booth T06, we will showcase our Clarity platform and talk to visitors about Rate Responsive Therapy™.

Rate Responsive Therapy™

GCE Healthcare’s Rate Responsive Therapy™ (RRT) is a unique and very sensitive breath detection technology that automatically responds to the increase or decrease of a patient‘s breath rate. RRT delivers oxygen within the first half a second of the breath, triggered by inhalation, which gives exactly the right amount of oxygen needed at the moment. 

GCE Healthcare believes in giving patients the oxygen they need when they most need it –during exertion – because it changes lives. Whether it’s climbing a flight of stairs or doing everyday tasks we often take for granted, this is at the heart of the RRT philosophy for our Zen-O™ and Zen-O lite™ devices. 


We will also show our leading-edge and robust Zen-O and Zen-O lite portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) are improving quality-of-life and healthcare outcomes every day, now supported by Clarity remote software monitoring.

Zen-O and Zen-O lite are the ultimate oxygen companions and GCE Healthcare is setting new benchmarks in progressive respiratory care by helping patients and healthcare providers better manage oxygen therapy within and outside the home. Come and see why!

Bienvenido a ERS Madrid!

Read more about the ERS Congress here.


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