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Published on 22 May 2018 by Michaela Němcová

Gas Control Equipment leader unifies global product portfolio and introduces new Global brands!

Malmö, Sweden, 22nd May 2018 – GCE Group, the global manufacturer of professional Gas Control Equipment, has welcomed and introduced many respected brands under its umbrella over the years.

Now, the group is combining its diverse product portfolio into just three brands: GCEGCE Druva and the newly launched GCE Healthcare.

GCE remains the Group brand, home to all products and all sub-brands. GCE Valves and GCE Cutting & Welding Technologies, including all associated products, will come under the GCE brand.

GCE will continue to develop its specialist products for clinicians and healthcare professionals under the GCE Healthcare brand, while all GCE Central Gas Systems will now be sold under the new GCE Druva brand.

Tony Peers, Executive Vice President Marketing, GCE Group, said:

“We have been setting the standard and performance in the gas control equipment industry for generations and with our significant investment in R&D, our diverse portfolio is always growing and improving.This is the latest step in our continued evolution - but some things never change. All three brands exemplify our commitment to safety, innovation, integrity and putting the customer first.” 

GCE was formed in 1987, with its headquarters in Europe and a growing global presence, including two new Healthcare facilities in the UK and the USA. GCE provides products and technical solutions for a large variety of applications, from simple pressure regulators and blowpipes for cutting and welding to sophisticated gas supply systems for medical and electronics industry applications.

GCE has released a video charting the manufacturer’s rich brand heritage, available here:





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