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Shipbuilding and Services

GCE has delivered gas equipment to the global maritime business for many years. As in all other applications security and reliability are key words and GCE equipment are individual checked and tested under simulated working conditions before leaving the factory. It is now coincidence that where the challenge and demands are the greatest, you will find GCE hard at work.

Besides Oxy fuel products GCE offer a range of products for ship services for example products used in fire fighting on ships and manifold systems for inerting.

GCE X21 Original

The GCE X21 Original cutting and Welding range is developed to suit the heavy duty applications taken place at among others at shipyards.





GCE X511 Original

GCE X511 Original in a cutting process.






Dry Chemical Powder System

Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishing System (DCP System) extinguishes fire using dry powder, is a system for firefighting on board ships. The powder is ejected from monitors and hose stations using nitrogen as the propellant. GCE provides control equipment for monitoring the process The system can be deployed by hand held hoses, fixed monitors, or a combination of both. This provides complete coverage to all the areas that need protection, ensuring the penetration of powder into the smallest and only partially covered location.

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