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Full Maintenance Cost Calculator

From 2017, European Legislation now permits the test period for High Pressure seamless steel and some aluminium cylinders to be extended from 10 to 15 years, provided that a Residual Pressure Valve (RPV) is installed in the cylinder.

Many cylinder manufacturers now offer a 15 year test cylinder as a standard product in response to this.

Typically, cylinder valves have a 10 year lifetime, which now presents a challenge in aligning cylinder and valve package maintenance cycles to maximise the operational cost savings newly available.

Extracting cylinders from active service not only prevents them being profitably in customer hands, but also brings its own time and distribution costs.

Together these can consume most or all of the potential savings, as the mixed periodicity can mean the packages are removed from service more frequently, not less, eg at years 10, 15, 20 & 30.

But, do it right, align your maintenance periods with the new range of GCE 15 year service life RPV valves, and you can cut your cylinder maintenance costs by by a third, and at the same time increase the proportion of time that cylinders are in customer hands, working for you.

The 15 year cost calculator below will show you how much you can save.

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