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GCE Global Research and Testing Facility

Developing new design strategies to meet the real-world demands of gas control equipment.


At our state-of-the-art research and testing facility, located in Chotěboř, Czech republic, we are pioneering more rigorous product development and setting new benchmark in the safety and performance of oxygen equipment. The facility enables us to deliver:

- Cutting-edge research - investigating a range of materials, lifetime effects and devising new test methods

- Faster products development - creating and testing new solutions to bring innovations to market sooner

- Enhanced safety and performance - going beyond minimum requirements to ensure gas control equipment is ready for real-world demands

Oxygen facility
Oxygen facility

Testing to ISO and ASTM

The facility´s design and control systems were developed to meet both ISO and ASTM standard requirements for testing adiabatic shock, while creating the capability to devise and carry out more demanding tests, including testing up to 400 bar.

ISO 2503 | ISO 7291 | ISO 10297 | ISO 10524-1 | ISO 10524-2 | ISO 10524-3 | ISO 21969 | ASTM G74 | ASTM G175


Raising the bar for global standards

As the global applications using oxygen become more varied and complex, we are employing more advanced tests that can accurately replicate real-world applications and a range of possible scenarios:

  • Placing more demands on equipment - investigating how systems perform in more challenging situations, such as higher temperatures, repeated shocks, extended oxygen flow, higher levels of contamination, and even full cylinder releases
  • Testing a wider range of products - including cylinder valves, integrated regulating cylinder valves, regulators, manifolds, safety equipment and any gas handling device for oxygen service

Investing in innovative technology

Advanced video capture - precise external recording of ignition propagation using high speed camera with high contrast ratios and high frame rates

Auto Ignition Temperature test bench - testing materials and lubricants to better understand ignition mechanisms and kindling chains. Launching later this year.



GCE Group has launched a new research and testing facility to raise the standard for safety and performance across the gas industry.

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