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Cutting and Welding Technologies

Oxy-fuel cutting and welding is one of the leading processes within metal fabrication. Driven by innovations it is widely used as the main technology in areas such as construction, automotive, the transport sector, shipyard industries, offshore and several others. 

Metal sheets are fabricated by thermal cutting processes and joined to ensure a rigid and high quality construction. High quality standards and fundamental safety precautions are prerequisite in all works related to cutting and welding technologies.   

GCE Cutting and Welding Technologies (GCE CWT) is one of the global market leaders in gas welding, oxy-fuel cutting, brazing, heating processes. GCE CWT provides a full range of gas pressure regulators arc welding, gas economizers, safety equipment and a comprehensive global range of torches specially designed to meet international standards and local market requirements.

 With strong focus on innovations and global market coverage GCE provides solutions which fits to the customer needs. Experienced sales teams supported by application, marketing and technical experts promote the latest GCE solutions within global distribution network on daily basis. Dedicated production team cooperates in two main production facilities and the complete organisation is formed as a Value stream team creating added value to all stake holders. 

GCE is a young organisation established by two major industry leaders in 1987. The group has been developed globally by acquisitions of a large number of companies. Their roots are going to the times of the pioneers of the Cutting & Welding applications at the beginning of the 20th century. Today GCE customers benefit from this legacy of competence and from the knowledge transfer within the group, providing both global solutions and also products which fit for local user’s habits.

Simply safe

Safety is always a primary concern in an oxygen/fuel process and GCE is fully committed to the elimination of all risks in this process. It is not only visible on the complete range of safety devices for oxy-fuel applications. Safety is the main objective within all range of GCE CWT products, applications and as well as within internal production processes.

Quality time

All equipment from GCE is engineered and produced with highest possible focus on quality. High quality is the base for all activities and by using Lean processes and 6-Sigma tools we constantly refine and develop existing procedures. All GCE CWT products are designed, tested and manufactured within the quality management system ISO 9001 and in accordance with following regulations and global standards (selected short-list):

  • 2014/68/EC, Pressure Equipment Directive
  • 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive
  • ISO 2503, Cylinder regulators
  • ISO 5172, Cutting, welding, heating torches and nozzles
  • EN 730, ISO 5175, Safety devices
  • ISO 3821, Rubber hoses 
  • EN 561, Quick couplers
  • ISO 5171, Pressure gauges


All systems go

GCE is one of the global drivers of oxy-fuel innovations. Well known solutions are innovative safety systems, pressure regulators and heating equipment. A new program of Intelligent Torches and Systems for oxy-fuel cutting has been launched recently and there is still significant potential to increase the efficiency of oxy-fuel cutting technology. This is the reason for GCE to continuously develop the GCE FIT+® cutting torch solutions. Together with our partner, IHT Automation, GCE believes that a higher level of integrated automation is the future of oxy-fuel cutting. The current result of the development is the range of automated cutting systems which became as simple as a “plug and play” solution.

Everything we do is conducted in close co-operation with our customers and users.

GCE is a service-oriented company which keeps close contact with both its customers and end-users. Thanks to a high level of experience and technical competence within cutting and welding technologies GCE has today a global network of loyal distributors which enables to develop right solutions for the global as well as for local markets. 

It’s no coincidence that, where the challenge and demands are the greatest, you will find GCE hard at work.

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