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GAS SUPPLY PANELS SMD 320-16/-24/-25

These gas supply panels are mounted onto a stainless steel panel and consist of a pressure regulator, inlet and outlet pressure gauges, a relief valve and shut-off valves (type -16 at the outlet, type -24 at the inlet, type -25 at inlet and outlet) for the process gas. A choice of stainless steel coils or flexible high pressure hoses is available for the connection to the gas cylinder. The use of contact gauge (accessories) in conjunction with alarm box (accessories) facilitates the monitoring of gas reserves. Vent piping connected to the relief valve can be ordered optionally.


Gas panels are permanently installed in the cylinder stock room or cabinet near the point of use and reduce the cylinder pressure to a lower line pressure. Through the subsequent piping system the gas is taken to the point of use. The type -24 allows for process gas purging to be carried out while cylinders are being changed. The type-25 design allows shutting-off of gas flow during cylinder change from the panel itself. Standard application for these panels: centralized or decentralized gas supply.

  • Gas supply panel for standard applications (Type -16)
  • Process gas purging (Type -24)
  • Process gas purging and process gas outlet shut-off valve (Type -25)
  • For inert, reactive, flammable and oxidizing gases and gas mixtures
  • Purity max. 5.0
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