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MANYFLOW block with its modular design establishes a complete range of gas manifolds either for cylinders or for bundle gas supply with Acetylene or high compressed gases up to 300 bar. Different gas flow level may be selected. This pressure shut-off valve unit is used as a component in high-pressure manifolds MB70 and MB400. It is also delivered as an individual unit without any additional device. Stainless steel tubes with different lengths are provided to prepare this modular concept for connection of more gas packages and therethrough to extend particular gas supply system for requested operating conditions.

Art. Nr. Gas Inlet Outlet
14037312 A W21,8×1/14“ W21,8×1/14“
0764954 A W21,8×1/14“LH G3/4“
14037514 O, D, N, CO2, H up to 300 bar W21,8×1/14“ W21,8×1/14“
0768221 O, D, N, CO2, H up to 300 bar W21,8×1/14“LH W21,8×1/14“LH


Art. Nr. Description Gas Inlet Outlet
14037804 450 mm All gases G3/4“ G3/4“
14037797 750 mm All gases G3/4“ G3/4“
14037423 1500 mm All gases G3/4“ G3/4“
  • Compact block design for cylinder pressure up to 300 bar
  • GCE high pressure shut-off valves
  • Acetylene variant in accordance with ISO 15615
  • Space saving installations
  • In- and outlet connections W21,8×1/14“ according to DIN 477 (other connection on request)
  • Sinter metal filter and non return valve included
  • Continous gas flow of all the cylinders is guaranteed
  • Very easy to extend. The modular design constitutes numerous variants
  • For bundle and cylinder gas supply
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