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Hydraulic Regulator Line


Since already 50 years GCE druva is closely connected to its customers. To be and to remain a close partner for their pressure regulation requests and central gas supply systems, it is relevant to move where the customer is moving. From this perspective, GCE druva continuously works on expanding and refining its product range. The latest extension is a broad range of hydraulic regulators, which are used mainly as a control regulator. With this product range expansion, the high pressure thought of 300 bars has become an air bubble. The new range can go up to 1380 bar or 20.000 PSI and with a Cv of up to 30, the range is extended into completely new areas of operation. 

The main focus area is the Oil & Gas industry. This market has seen a strong downfall in activities, though is also slowly recovering again. So, this is an excellent moment to introduce the new line to the market; and to introduce GCE druva to the industry as well. 

GCE druva with its origin in high purity and medical gas supply systems has seen a development and desire for higher pressures and higher flows as new industries arise and more companies recognize GCE druva as a stable and reliable supplier of high quality products. 

The product line expansion is well prepared as in-house experts are present to support new customer requests. The product line is extensive and very flexible to fit everyone’s needs. Active promotions have started earlier this year and the feedback from the market so far, has been excellent. 

Please click HERE to open the electronic version of the hydraulic regulator brochure. 

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