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Group Number: 3621

For safety and service reasons a central gas system must be equipped with shut-off valves placed so that the gas supply can easily be interrupted. The valves are mounted in a box. The emergency shut-off valve boxes shall be placed so that the gas can be shut off section wise. This means that the boxes should be placed before each ward, operating unit, part of ward for critical treatment and individual surgeries.
The emergency shut-off valve box is delivered with connection tubes and each box has been test pressurized and leakage tested. The emergency shut-off valve has large ergonomical handles.
If mounted in a recessed way, the emergency shut-off valve box fits walls with 70 mm beam. With a 90 mm beam there is extra space (23,5 mm) behind the valve box usable for e.g. fire isolation.
All models, also with four or five gases, fits between the beams in a CC-60 wall. The box is gas-tight which prevents gas accumulation inside the wall.
The product is CE-marked according to EN ISO 7396-1 and current SIS HB 370.
It is important that the boxes are placed so that they are easily available for authorized personnel. The front door shall be sealed.
In order to avoid mistakes the boxes shall be clearly and distinctly marked with the gas sort. A sign showing which section the box serves must be placed in its immediate vicinity.
The valves are open when the handles are in vertical position in line with the printed marking on the plate.

Item No.
 Type Inlet pipe Outlet pipe
325397721 1 valve ∅ 15 ∅ 15
325397722 2 valves ∅ 15 ∅ 15
325397723 3 valves ∅ 15 ∅ 15
325397724 4 valves ∅ 15 ∅ 15
325397725 5 valves ∅ 15 ∅ 15


Gases: O2, N2O, Air, Air- 800, CO2, N2, VAC

(all medical gases)
Number of gases: (∅ 15×1) 1 to 5 valves
Working pressure: 4–5 bar (breathing gases)

7–10 bar (instrumental gases)


(-0,4) - (-0,9) bar (vacuum)

Maximum pressure: 16 bar
Tube dimension: ∅ 15×1 mm
Regulatory status:

Complies with Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC

Complies with EN ISO 7396-1
(Central Gas Supply Systems)


present SIS HB 370 and HTM 02-01


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