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Group Number: 2731

High pressure manifold based on Manyflow unit for high flow applications. It can be used for oxygen and inert gases. It is designed mainly for cylinder bundles service. There are non-return valves at the Manyflow inlets, separated isolating valves and one central inlet shut-off valve. MR400 regulator contains high pressure and low pressure gauges and pressure relief valve. There is outlet low pressure ball valve downstream regulator. All components are fixed to the stabilizing stainless steel wall bracket.

MB400 for acetylene is design and produced in accordance with ISO 14114. Manyflow is tested and approved in accordance with ISO 15615 as well as high pressure automatic quick acting shut-off valve and pressure regulator MR60. There are also pressure relief valve, high pressure and low pressure gauges. Low pressure flashback arrestor Simax 3 (EN 730-1, ISO 5175) consists of filter, flame arrestor, thermal arrestor and non-return valve. Outlet ball valve is mounted downstream FBA.

  • Outlet: G3/4“, DN15
Art. Nr. Gas Pressure Inlet
0768098 O, D, N, CO2 300/20 bar W21,8×1/14“
0768097 A 25/1,5 bar W21,8×1/14“LH


  O, Inert, CO2 A
Regulator type: MR400 MR60
Body, bonnet material: Brass Brass (Cu< 65 %)
Connectors & fittings material: Brass, stainless steel Brass (Cu< 65 %), stainless steel
Diaphragm material: Butyl Chloroprene
Seat sealing material: PA PTFE
Wall bracket: Stainless steel
Maximal inlet pressure: 300 bar 25 bar
Maximal flow rate: 400 Nm3/h 25 Nm3/h
Nominal flow rate: 250 Nm3/h 19 m3/h
Temperature range: from -20 °C to 60 °C



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