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We challenged our skilled engineers to develop an improved version of our top-seller Dincontrol which has been presented in the market for over 18 years and has become a leader among the premium cylinder regulators in terms of Accuracy, Safety, and Reliability. We made a few modifications to maintain the focus on these three main features. From customer feedback, we have seen the most vulnerable part of the regulator has been the gauges. We are now adding Durability to the features of GCE ProControl® by protecting the gauges to minimise the risk of breakdown and user productivity interruption. The investment in gauge protection is paid back in a very short time.

GCE ProControl® series regulators are of robust design for daily use for indoor applications in workshops but also for outdoor on-site operations. Downwards orientated diaphragm casting (bonnet) increases the safety of the handling. The material used for the regulators is chosen to suit each specific type of gas. Each regulator is individually adjusted and tested before leaving the factory. All regulators have been designed, produced an tested in Europe using more than 100 years long experience of GCE group with producing this type of the product and with respecting the latest engineering practice. GCE ProControl® regulators fulfil the requirements of ISO 2503.


  • High-performance regulator following all common technical gas applications needs
  • Safety focussed design following ISO 2503
  • Robust rubber gauge protection with back lid preventing damages and impurities
  • Prolonged lifetime saving costs related to services, spares and replacements
  • Encapsulated regulating technology for precise parameters stability
  • Easy handling for the operator by ergonomic arrangement
  • Three scale pressure gauges acc. to ISO 5171 with high contrast pointer for better gas pressure clarity


  • Excellent outlet pressure stability
  • Ergonomic and robust design
  • High performance
  • Excellent parameters
  • Oxygen safety
  • Spare parts available
  • Variants for all technical gasses up to 300 bar cylinder filling pressure
  • Accessories available – Flashback arrestors, Gas economiser
  • Suitable for all technical gasses applications supplied from cylinders
  • In compliance with EN ISO 2503, ISO 5171, ISO 9536, ISO 9090, ISO 5145



2, He





Body: Brass forged
Bonnet: Zn/Al alloy Die Cast
Stems, nuts and fittings: Brass
Diaphragm: EPDM NBR 
Seat sealing: PA CR
Inlet/Outlet connection: Gas specific connection
Maximal inlet pressure: 200 or 300 bar 200 bar 25 bar
Outlet pressure range:

0-10 bar

0-20 bar

0-30 bar

0-50 bar

0-16 l/min

0-24 l/min

0-32 l/min

F. G.: 50 l/min

1,5 bar 4 bar
Temperature range: From -20°C to 60°C
Weight: Approx. according to gas variant: 1,9 kg
Pressure relief valve: Used in all variants

*F.G. = Forming gas

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