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X501™ Original

Group Number: 2272

X501™  is a reliable and safe torch even under the toughest conditions! The hand cutting torch X501™  is an injector burner (mixer with suction - ⊥), which is used for manual cutting and heating using a mix of oxygen and acetylene or propane. Cutting can be done in steel material up 300 mm thickness.

The hand cutting torch meets all technical requirements and has been developed on the basis of current engineering practice in accordance to EN ISO 5172 standard.


  • High operating safety for both acetylene and propane applications
  • The new trim valve design for regulation of preheating oxygen and fuel gas are forward mounted for easiest control of the flame
  • The cutting oxygen lever is specially designed to give maximum control of all operations, ideal for piercing, gouging and rivet washing
  • Length, balance and profile are chosen for best control of operation
  • High flow rate


Type Art. Nr. Fuel Gas Lenght (mm) Head angle  Inlet connection Nozzle type
X501 G0764607 Propane  1450  75° G3/8" - G3/8" PRU
X501 G0766185 Acetylene  450  90° G1/4" - G3/8" AC, FHA
X501 G0767680 Acetylene  530  85° G1/4" - G3/8" AC, FHA, R
X501 G0767681** Propane  530  85° G1/4" - G3/8" MPL, PUZ
X501 G0767682 Acetylene  530  90° G1/4" - G3/8" AB
X501 G0767683 Propane  850  75° G1/4" - G3/8" NFF, NX
X501 G0767734* Propane  810  75° G1/4" - G3/8" NFF, NX
X501 G0767796* Propane  530  90° G1/4" - G3/8" NFF, NX

* available in May 2018
** availabne in June 2018


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