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Ultra High Purity Panel Solution


GCE druva has been active in the field of gas control solutions for the past 50 years. Close to half of this time, we have been delivering Ultra High Purity solutions to our customers as well. Ultra-High Purity means ultra clean. 

Ultra-High Purity materials are crucial components for research & development and for the production of advanced technologies which require optimum properties, performance, and quality. A typical example industry is the production of solar wafers used in solar panels. 

Example gases are Nitric Oxide (NO), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Ammonia (NH3), and Hydrogen (H2). 

Ultra-High Purity means a gas purity of up to 7.0 or 99.99999%. This indicates the amount of other gases the gas contains. 

All components GCE druva offers are suitable for gas purity 7.0. Available surface cleaning is of Ra 0,25 µm. All connections are extra tight and with standard VCR / orbital welded connections. Available are single stage and dual stage solutions. 

Besides delivering components, GCE druva also offers its customers the possibility to get a customized panel solution. With over 30 configurations available, the GCE druva Project House Team can offer each customer a standardized solution. For realizing a first concept the required input is:

  • Type of gas
  • Pressure requirements
  • Flow
  • Desired components: Vacuum generator,Contact gauges, Pressure transmitter
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