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MEDIGARD DUPLEX PNP100 HTM Gas Manifold: The Foundation for A Safe and Reliable Medical Gas Supply System

Publicado en 12 abril 2024 por Katerina Krivska

GCE Healthcare takes a significant stride towards enhancing patient safety in healthcare facilities with the groundbreaking PNP100 HTM Gas Manifold. This innovative solution with an automatic changeover feature ensures an uninterrupted flow of medical gas to patients. In addition, the fail- safe solenoid valves guarantee continuous operation even d...

GCE Healthcare Introduces Innovative Lockable Line Valve for Enhanced Medical Gas Safety

Publicado en 28 febrero 2024 por Katerina Krivska

In an effort towards advancing medical gas safety, GCE Healthcare is pleased to unveil the Lockable Line Valve, a progressive solution designed for both new and existing systems. This full-bore valve, featuring a flat-faced O-ring sealing surface and an integrated locking mechanism, guarantees exceptional flow characteristics and 100% leak tightnes...

GCE Healthcare Achieves MDR Approval for Medimeter® Tube Flowmeter

Publicado en 12 febrero 2024 por Katerina Krivska

Commitment to Safety: GCE Healthcare Sets a New Standard in Medical Device Compliance GCE Healthcare, a leading player in the healthcare industry, is pleased to announce the recent achievement of MDR (Medical Device Regulation) approval the Medimeter® Tube Flowmeter. This milestone reinforces GCE Healthcare's unwavering dedication to deliverin...

NEW Terminal units - Innovative Design Elevate Safety in Medical Gas Delivery

Publicado en 6 febrero 2024 por Katerina Krivska

A progressive line of terminal units has been introduced to bolster safety and accuracy in medical gas pipeline systems. These devices play a critical role in connecting medical gases to devices like ventilators, ensuring a seamless and secure delivery process. Designed with patient safety as a top priority, these terminal units adhere to rigorous...

GCE Healthcare to Showcase Cutting-Edge Healthcare Solutions at Arab Health 2024!

Publicado en 23 enero 2024 por Michaela Klepetkova

Arab Health, Dubai has earned a reputation as a key platform for healthcare professionals and industry leaders to converge, share insights, and explore the latest innovations in the healthcare sector. GCE Healthcare together with Ohio Medical and Therapy Equipment is proud to present its innovative healthcare solutions at booth H1.C01 during thi...

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