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Invitation to Online Training - "Become an Expert in Oxy-Fuel Cutting"

Publicado en 24 abril 2020 por Hana Holasová

Would you like to become an expert in Oxy-Fuel cutting and get a certificate to prove it?  Our goal is to provide you with the right training so that you become a real expert. Specialists from GCE and IHT deliver the first-hand advice on all Oxy-Fuel cutting challenges.  Topics to be covered: Oxy-Fuel flame cutting Properties of gas...

World Earth Day 2020

Publicado en 22 abril 2020 por Hana Holasová

Time to time the Earth makes up us stop and think. Think about us but also about her.Let´s take care of our Earth to save her for the next generations. GCE promotes the following principles according to our social responsibility policy:  reduce material usage,  reuse material where possible,  recycle all materials, ...

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