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Customer service and safety are very important for us. Therefore, we provide our customers with customer support through our local distributors, GCE sales offices, contracting local service centers or GCE trainings tailor-made according to our customer needs.

Do you need any help?

Our distributors and our GCE Sales Team will be happy to support you with:

Product inquiries
Product offers
Product usage
Quality claims
Training requests

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Find out your nearest GCE sales representative.





The GCE particular divisions have special skilled team of engineers who are ready to prepare training for customers tailor-made according to theirs needs.

GCE Cutting & Welding
GCE druva GCE Healthcare GCE Valves
Trainings focused on:

Cylinder Regulators
Safety Equipment
Combi Torches and Cutters
Hand Cutting Nozzles
Cutting and Welding Sets
Propane Gas Equipment
Automated Oxy-Fuel Cutting
Arc Welding & Cutting

Trainings focused on:

druva PUR products
Gas Control Panels
Laboratory Gas Supply
Line Regulators
UHP Ultra High Purity
Techline Pressure Regulators
Cylinder Regulators High Purity
MFC Mass Flow Controllers
Acetylene and Propane Gas Supply
Accessories High Purity

druva MED products
Hospital Central Gas Supply Systems

druva TEC products
Central Gas Supply Systems

Trainings focused on:

High Pressure Regulators
Hospital Ward Equipment
Emergency Equipment

Trainings focused on:

Medical Valves & Combi Valves
Industrial Valves & Combi Valves

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