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New from GCE Healthcare - AVSU and LVA HTM

Published on 13 December 2022 by Katerina Krivska

GCE Healthcare innovative area valve service units (AVSU) and line valve assemblies (LVA) from GCE Healthcare that are easy to install, maintain and operate. 

Offering flexible installation options, the unit is straightforward to set-up and can be installed into all wall mounted configurations. Available with a customisable ball valve joint, choose from polymer or aluminium to suit your needs. 

To ensure a high level of safety, the units are equipped with an integrated emergency alarm plus an emergency valve which is activated by a smart pull-off cover with its own break tab. Capable of supplying up to six medical gases, the range is fully compliant with UK Department of Health guidelines (HTM 02-01). 

To find out more about GCE Healthcare’s new AVSU and LVA HTM range, visit: 


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