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GCE Group enters the US and Canadian homecare markets

Published on 28 July 2016 by

GCE Group announced today that they are entering the US and Canadian homecare markets with their GCE Healthcare range of respiratory care products.

Effective immediately, the GCE Portable Oxygen Concentrators under the Zen-O™ brand will be marketed to US and Canadian customers. During the coming months the entire GCE Healthcare portfolio including Oxygen Conserving Devices, Oxygen Regulators and High Purity Gas Control products will also be introduced.

The Zen-O™ Portable Oxygen Concentrator provides up to 2LPM of continu-ous flow oxygen as well as 6 Pulse Flow settings to ensure appropriate clinical levels of oxygen for ambulatory patients. The Zen-O™ also features field replaceable sieve beds for lower total cost of operation for the home oxygen provider. The Zen-O™ is a small, 10lb device that can be carried in a shoulder bag or in a wheeled cart.

In 2014 GCE began collaboration with Oxus America and acquired the exclusive rights to manufacture and market the Zen-O™ portable oxygen concentrator. Oxus America and GCE Group have collaborated on the final design and development of the Zen-O™ portfolio. Oxus America continues to produce the Zen-O™ product portfolio in the USA as a manufacturing and engineering contractor. GCE Group also manufactures the Zen-O™ product line in the GCE UK facility.

Mike Galvin, Managing Director for the Global GCE Healthcare Business Area said "During the last three years GCE Group has been evaluating the North American healthcare market and we are excited about the opportunity to enter the market with an exceptional product range that includes the Zen-O POC". Jim Clement has joined GCE Healthcare as General Manager for the North American business following an extensive career with DeVilbiss Healthcare.

About GCE Group

GCE Group, also known as Gas Control Equipment is a leading manufacturer of equipment used in medical, industrial and specialty gas industries. With almost 100 years of experience, the product portfolio has now grown to include high purity medical gas equipment, portable oxygen concentrators and oxygen conserving devices for homecare. GCE Group was formed as the result of merging the gas equipment activities of two of the world's largem industrial companies AGA and ESAB, (BOC). Following the establishment of GCE Group and subsequent acquisitions, we now have a Global manufacturing and supply chain network with 20 subsidiaries around the world. GCE Group maintains major R&D and manufacturing facilities in the UK, Czech Republic, Germany and China employing over 1,000 people globally.

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