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GCE PRO-Series to welcome a new member - GCE ProStage®

Published on 6 April 2021 by Hana Holasová

The new family of GCE cylinder regulators characterized by extraordinary quality, reliability, and durability is now proudly extending the range by GCE ProStage®, the two-stage regulators featuring excellent accuracy. By this product, we are at the same time replacing the two-stage Dincontrols. First variants to be ordered from now on.

Main advantages of GCE ProStage® include: 

  • Two-stage regulation for constant and precise outlet pressure and flow
  • High-performance regulator following specific needs of technical gas applications up to 300 bar cylinder pressure
  • Design with prolonged lifetime saving costs related to services and spares
  • Easy handling for the operator by ergonomic arrangement and with the three scale pressure gauges for better gas pressure clarity
  • Product made in EU with safety focused design following EN ISO 2503
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