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New complete range of Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valves

Published on 24 May 2023 by Shaun Heys

Improved integrity of packaged gases: GCE introduces complete range of electropolished 316L Stainless Steel Specialty Gas Valves

316L stainless steel diaphragm valve

“At a time of increasing energy costs and general inflationary pressures facing industries globally, GCE introduces a new range of Specialty Gas Valves. Its market leading technology enhances the integrity of packaged gases and minimises operational costs in the supply chain”.

For decades, Specialty Gas Equipment has been used around the world in industries such as automotive, petrochemical, semiconductor and analytical laboratory. These industries require ever more exacting levels of accuracy and service in the control of gases. New applications are now appearing in the renewable energy sector to counter the excessive inflationary pressure we see affecting traditional energy sources.

In response, Specialty Gas equipment manufacturers are continually developing new solutions to create the most advanced gas control equipment found on the market. This equipment is used on closely controlled gas supply processes with gas mixtures controlling contaminants and components up to parts per trillion (ppt) to serve chemical, biochemical, petrochemical and gas applications used in renewable energy.

Traditionally, Specialty Gas cylinders are either employed for single use, or most often, deployed in manifolded installations with permanently connected cylinders supplying calibration, carrier and analysis gases.

GCE Specialty Gas Equipment, branded GCE druva, has supplied all these industries with tailor made installations since 1967. Developed in Germany the range of equipment is supplied across the globe, from Europe to China and the Middle East and most recently to North America.

Using its traditional GCE druva technology GCE has now designed and developed a complete range of next generation Specialty Gas valves to be used extensively in packaged gas supply chains around the world.


GCEs complete global range of Specialty Diaphragm Valves incorporating the latest gas control technology

Specialty Diaphragm Valve Range

The new range of handwheel operated valves employs druvaPUR diaphragm technology, a precise, safe and cost effective delivery method for high purity gases.

By using electropolished 316L stainless steel, the purity of gas is maintained and service life maximised when used with pure, inert, oxidising, toxic and corrosive gases. All designed and tested to CGA and ISO international standards.

The range has been specifically designed and developed for the laboratory market. Either for single cylinder or for manifolded cylinder systems with permanently connected cylinders. In these systems there is a need to confirm, at a glance, whether a particular cylinder valve is open or closed and to be able to open or close a valve quickly in process critical supply situations. For this application, GCE has developed a valve with an easy grip hand wheel, which has a simple 90-degree turn on and off design. The highly visible open/close is colour coded green (open) and red (closed), overcoming access and operability issues in system designs using laboratory gas cabinets.

The slow opening Hastelloy diaphragm technology ensures market leading precise, safe and cost efficient delivery of high purity gas flow to downstream laboratory equipment. The technology minimises the operational cost of gas usage and the materials used ensure long service life, resulting in a low lifetime cost.

The range is available with a variety of global thread connections using either 90 or standard 360 degree turn handwheels determined by the application.

Also, in the GCE product development pipeline for 2023 is a range of Specialty Gas VIPRs, the GCE ViPUR. The range includes analogue and digital versions and they will further enhance gas integrity and safe dispense of the purest and highest value gases.




Now with a complete range of Specialty Gas Valves available, that are suitable for an array of gas applications, GCE will be able to service and support the Specialty Gas Industry supply chains. Get in touch if you’d like to minimise operational costs and enhance your packaged gas integrity by using the latest GCE valve technology.

For more information about GCEs complete range of Specialty Gas Valves being introduced to the global market please visit our dedicated page here or contact the GCE sales team for your region here:  




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