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In addition to providing a full repair and refurbishment service, GCE Valves offer onsite service, repair and maintenance training, authorising approved personnel to perform work on valves in the field, reducing out-ofservice time.

GCE Group integrate ease-of-maintenance and ease-of-repair considerations into initial valve designs to create designed-in ownership simplicity.

The GCE Valves has a dedicated Customer Support Team of skilled engineers to help with all enquiries related to products and services.

Valves Industrial & Medical 
(UK only)

Andy Tassell
+44 771 287 5776 

Valves Industrial & Medical 
(except UK)

Zdeněk Dvořák 
+420 569 661 152 


Repair & Maintenance Records Feedback

GCE gas products are designed, produced, used & eventually repaired under CE Marking or medical MDD Directive (when applicable).

Any repair & maintenance on GCE product must be recorded. These recond sheets have to be send via email to:

maintenance@gcegroup.com (for Industrial products)

med.maintenance@gcegroup.com (for Medical products)

The record sheet template provided during the GCE training should be used; It should include at least: Serial number or batch number; What was done, by who & when.

By repairing or maintaining any GCE product and submitting this form, you agree to the following:

•    that only GCE Authorized Personals with valid certificate, perform repairs or maintenances on products which they were validated for

•    to follow at all times GCE Instructions For Maintenance (IFM) or GCE special written instructions

•    to contact GCE local coordinator or trainer for any question, for latest documents or when special findings

GCE local Support: http://www.gcegroup.com/en/select-region

GCE Healthcare Support Engineer: andy.tassell@gcegroup.comzdenek.dvorak@gcegroup.com

•    to use only GCE original spare parts

•    on top of GCE Instructions, to be responsable to apply any local applicable regulations (in particular but not limited to: labor and safety regulations, informing and training your own customers ...)

•    as a CE Marking mandatory feedback & to insure GCE warrenty when applicable, to provide GCE a record sheet of all repairs & maintenance, using the agreed format document

•    to keep an own copy of this record during 10 years



GCE as a company keened to improvements and innovations fullfiled requirements and get approved 15 years.

VCA company providing internationally testing and certifications for vehicles, their system and documents in UK  extend the interval between periodic inspections of certain seamless cylinders also to GCE. The approval concerning GCE cylinders valves and bundles with RPV specified in VCA documentation.

GCE group so added to its unrivalled 15 Year Life, Operational Ease of Use, Global Durability and ISO 9001 Quality Assurance new point and save costs its customers.

How save your money using GCE valves? Use our calculator:



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